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The top Level Utility Tool Apps help us with modest jobs at home or on the go. Even if it’s convenient to bring tools to work, there are methods to do these tasks without needing any equipment. Even a common item used to gauge a surface’s level, the spirit level instrument, demonstrates this.

Although the building is where it is most often utilized, it may also be employed in photography and even woodworking. These chores may now be completed even on your cellphone by installing simple software from the Play Store, thanks to accelerometers in modern smartphones.

In order to help you choose the finest app to check the tilt or level of a flat surface, we’re going to show you seven of the top-level utility tool apps for Android in this list. Any flat surface that is otherwise inclined may be smartly adjusted with the aid of the finest bubble level app for Android.


measure app

A convenient method to make a digital tape measure is to use augmented reality to offer measures of commonplace things, and Google’s Measure app accomplishes just that. It’s a fantastic yet lesser-known Android app from Google.

Utilizing your camera, the app allows you to measure height, length, and distance. The Measure is easy to use, unlike other AR measuring applications that might be difficult to get to function. It’s a user-friendly measuring app since you can seek aid if lost in its tips and help area.

You must first scan a space with the app so that it can identify a horizontal or vertical plane before proceeding. Then click the elevation or distance measurement option on the screen you want to utilize. The software will estimate the object’s size when you move the lines to the appropriate spots. Remember that the app needs a space that is clutter-free and well-lit.

Smart Ruler

Smart Ruler

This is the most basic tool there is. You may use Smart Ruler as a digital ruler for making minor measurements. Place any item you want to measure on your Android device’s screen, then tap a corner to get its width or length.

Many other ruler applications are available, but we like Smart Ruler since it is user-friendly. Additionally, it makes it simple to specify an object’s beginning and ending positions when you touch the screen.

Smart Level

Smart Level

Our first entry on the list is the appropriately called Smart Level. This device can precisely determine the angle or slope of an item. You may use this bone on a number of surfaces, such as leaning your device on a desk with its back or resting it on a frame with either its short or long side.

The surface level (bubble), spirit level, zero calibration, tilt units (degree, percent, radian, roof pitch), and much more may all be found in this app.

Laser Level

Laser Level

We’ll look into Laser Level after that. This one has various measurement instruments, including a laser pointer, a conventional 3-mode spirit level, a bubble level (libella), and a clinometer (inclinometer) for calculating the precise horizontal plane and measuring vertical angles. One of the most precise utility levels available today is this one.

It also has many other fascinating functions, like the capacity to calibrate your device’s level, change the measurement’s accuracy, read data in other units, lock the orientation, and even capture pictures while measuring. You may then quickly transmit measurement information to anybody on your phone.

Bubble Level

Bubble Level

This app has a brief appearance and performs just as promised. It has the same kinds of readings on display as a true level meter. Within the green indication, a little bulls-eye shows you precisely where the center is. It’s a handy little device that will undoubtedly come in handy whether you’re shooting photos or hanging a portrait on the wall to ensure it’s straight.

A bubble level may be beneficial in various circumstances when you want to maintain any component’s vertical or horizontal alignment. Even though your phone should be calibrated when you buy it, recalibration would be beneficial to prevent any problems. Most user reviews for the app are positive, indicating that it is very well-liked by the general public.

Compass Level


This is a 2-in-1 product since it includes a compass and a level meter as standard features. When you’re out in the wilderness or travelling (or both), or even if you want to know which way the sun will rise, the compass may be quite useful. Additionally, the app allows you to record your car’s position to easily locate it among many other cars. This is especially beneficial in large parking lots with similar landmarks.

The level meter is appropriate for construction or home use since it can function vertically and horizontally. When utilizing the level meter on this app, be cautious to keep away from magnetic fields and other electrical equipment since the creator warns that the sensor may behave somewhat differently depending on your device.

Pocket Bubble Level

Pocket Bubble Level

This app is quite good at assisting you in determining the bubble level on any surface. What you see is what you get since there are no gimmicky gimmicks here. However, because this app comes with the greatest leveling tool available, it’s not always negative. The correct level on each plane is determined by Pocket Bubble Level using the gyroscope and accelerometer of your phone.

Even if you’re unfamiliar with level tools, you won’t have trouble understanding them since all the signs are clear and reasonably put out. You can determine how far you need to tilt the phone off its axis by placing the phone on any surface, flat or not.

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As you can see, Android has a lot of great leveling tools. Due to your phone’s accurate accelerometer sensors, some of them may not be as precise as the actual tool, but you will get quite close. In a pinch, any of these bubble level applications will work rather well if you don’t have access to a whole level.

Do you use a particular top bubble level app for Android? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

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