14 Best Free Reminder Apps for iPhone

Being aware of the important details pays off when you lead a fast-paced existence. It is preferable to make regular schedules and stay familiar with personalized reminders than to forget what has to be done on time and then pay the price later. Although there is a built-in reminder app for iOS, it is not very flexible.

For instance, the default reminder app isn’t handy for organizing chores and projects and doesn’t have the features you need to customize your reminders.

These are the top 10 reminder apps for iPhone and iPad that you should use if you no longer want these inadequacies to keep you from being more proactive and organized in terms of sorting out responsibilities.

The Top iOS Reminder Apps You Should Use

Let’s clear out the fundamentals first so you can identify the best solution for your requirements.

Which iOS device reminder app should you pick?

There are several reminder applications available in the App Store. Others provide a more practical approach to managing your chores with real-time updates, while other applications are just designed to help you activate time- and location-based notifications.

Most of these applications do many more functions than just acting as reminders to be more flexible. For example, a clever task organizer can also function as a reminder tool. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if a full-featured note-taking software offers a useful method to set reminders and finish projects on schedule. Therefore, it all depends on what is most important to you.

Microsoft To Do


Microsoft To Do could be your first pick if adaptability is your primary objective. With the help of this software, you can organize your responsibilities and create personalized reminders so that you never forget what matters to you. The software offers a customizable day planner with capabilities to make generating to-dos and reminders simple. Therefore, you may establish tasks and adhere to the notifications to finish them on the schedule based on your aim.

To access your tasks and reminders across devices, the app is also connected with Microsoft 365. You may be informed about the activities planned for you with the help of the smooth synchronization of reminders. Due to the prompt notifications that ensure you are informed of the most recent changes in the shared list, Microsoft To Do is up to par even in terms of cooperation.

Microsoft To Do also allows you to tailor your tasks and reminders to suit your requirements, another feature that makes it a valuable tool. By selecting vibrant themes and amusing emojis, you may give your reminders a unique style. You may use the app to generate reminders or chores without discomfort at night thanks to the dark mode, which is always prepared to protect your eyes. Microsoft To Do is one of the finest free reminder applications for iOS since it is free.


  • Flexible Task Manager and Reminders
  • Tools for Personalizing Day Planners
  • Built-in to Microsoft 365
  • Many vibrant themes for customizing
  • Enables Dark Mode



Any.do can fill the hole whether you’re seeking an app to help you effectively organize your upcoming activities, manage chores like a pro, or take care of all the reminders. The software allows you to create tasks you need to do and set notifications to remain informed, even though it has many features.

Depending on your needs, you may activate recurring notifications to track frequently repeated items or create reminders for forthcoming chores. You may use the daily planner to strategically arrange your work by avoiding traffic jams and concentrating more on the important things.

The shared list may be helpful when collaborating with your friends to arrange an event or work on a project. It puts everyone on the same page, which may be quite helpful for improving your teamwork. The connectivity with Facebook events, Google Calendar, and the standard calendar app are additional features worth mentioning. It follows that you may use this software to keep track of all the events from a single location.

The program also makes connecting files from Google Drive and Dropbox simple, which is really helpful if you manage your data using these well-known cloud services. Remember that the free edition of Any.do have several restrictions. To utilize all the features without any limitations, you must subscribe to the premium plan, which begins at $9.99/month.


  • A to-do and Reminder App with Several Features
  • The List that is shared for Cooperation
  • Daily Schedule
  • Integration with Events on Facebook, Google Calendar, and Apple Calendar
  • Add files from Google Drive and Dropbox.



Todoist may be more well-known for being an effective to-do list organizer, but it also works well as a reminder tool. You may set personalized reminders to notify you before the deadline once your tasks have been created. You may define priority levels in Todoist to stop important tasks from being mired in doubt. You could assign higher priority to urgent matters and lower importance to less crucial ones, for instance.

Todoist is also excellent at enabling you to collaborate on projects with your friends and coworkers. You may use real-time synchronization and share tasks with others to keep up with the most recent updates. Todoist offers individual productivity trends that you may utilize to monitor your advancement in order to increase your output.

The productivity trends may assist you in identifying both the benefits and drawbacks, whether you want to identify the drawbacks hindering your productivity or the areas where you have significantly improved. You can also combine the app with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Slack to log your activities and stay on top of your responsibilities. Todoist is a practical task organizer and reminders tool, to put it briefly.

Remember that upgrading to the pro edition, which begins at $3.99/month, is necessary to use Todoist fully.


  • Allow Personalized Reminders
  • Decide on Priority Levels
  • Trends in Individual Productivity
  • Provides Gmail, Google Calendar, and Slack connection

Google Keep


One of the best note-taking apps available is called Google Keep. However, did you realize that the application has the same potency to function as a stand-alone reminder app? The Google service is really simple to use and makes making reminders a snap. This software allows you to make notes and get reminders about them whenever and wherever you choose. Using labels and colors, you can keep everything on your to-do list organized and simple to find.

One of Google Keep’s best features is the option to record a voice memo and have it automatically transcribed. I use this really useful function to jot down ideas and preserve them in the app when I don’t want to utilize the software keyboard.

Additionally, the software is very clever in locating the items you want quickly. For instance, search your notes by color, to-dos, or lists with labels to find a certain note fast. Google Keep, a crucial component of Google Suite, guarantees that all your information is accessible on all devices. Additionally, it is free to use, ranking it among the greatest iPad and iPhone reminder applications.


  • A voice Memo may be Recorded and Automatically Transcribed.
  • Provides Labels and Colors to Help you Arrange your Chores.
  • Quick Search
  • A crucial Component of the Google Suite



Getting things done on schedule tends to become a habit when you have the appropriate tools and timely notifications at your disposal. And with MinimaList, you get just that. The software is primarily focused on assisting you in being organized and focused, which may significantly increase your productivity.

You may create reminders with MiniMalist that are both time-based and location-based. Making a reminder on the move is still simple since it also works with Siri. As a result, you will get instant notifications on what has to be done. The software also has Apple Calendar synchronization to keep track of your planned activities.

Instead of opening the app every time you have an idea, Today Widget allows you to create tasks directly from the widget panel. Additionally, to enable you to maintain your lists across devices, MiniMalist provides cloud synchronization, similar to Apple Reminders. It provides a premium model that lets you utilize all the premium features, including excellent acoustics, much like most of its competitors.


  • Enables Siri
  • Cloud Syncing
  • Current Widget
  • Based on Location Reminders
  • Reminders, Voice Reminders

Reminder, Reminders with Voice


In comparison to other reminder applications, this one is a bit unique. The program allows you to utilize your voice recordings or favorite tunes as the reminder sound, first and foremost. They will start playing at the appointed time to remind you to complete the tasks at hand. Therefore, you would like this function if you find the straightforward alert-based reminders to be a little dull.

Because the reminder app is completely configurable, you may adjust every feature of your notifications to suit your requirements. To ensure that you don’t forget anything essential, you may, for example, activate auto-snooze, customize messages, reschedule reminders, add a relevant picture, or even write a note.

The software has a built-in calendar for hassle-free reminder monitoring. As a result, you can get all of the month’s notifications in one place. And you may suspend all of your reminders if you don’t want to be bothered by pointless alerts. Additionally, it supports VoiceOver and offers the capability of data backup and restoration.


  • Option to Set your Voice as the Reminder Sound.
  • Voice Over Accessibility with Auto-Snooze.
  • Capability for Backup and Restoration.



A combination of timers and reminders called an alarm. Reminders may keep you informed about the scheduled things, but timers can help you finish your work ahead of schedule. Alarmed, which offers a simple user interface and emphasizes simplicity, enables you to create pop-up reminders with repeat scheduling and personalized snooze features.

Additionally, thanks to the location-based reminders available, you won’t forget to do important tasks when you arrive at certain locations. For instance, you may use the app to remind you to purchase chocolate when you arrive at a nearby store or to fill up your bike with gas at a gas station. Additionally, it allows you to make notes so that nothing crucial slips your memory.

You may make unique reminders with more than 140 original sounds. The sound collection is available if you’d like a selection of bizarre noises. You may quickly set reminders with the personal assistant if Siri is supported. Thanks to the complete sharing functionality, you may safely share your reminders through AirDrop or iMessage. Alarmed is a decent substitute for Apple Reminders on the iPhone and iPad.


  • Based on location reminders.
  • Using Siri.
  • Personalized Snooze Options.
  • Over 140 Original Sounds.



nTask may assist the whole team in being completely organized and focused on finishing the tasks on time if you often find your team falling behind schedule despite their best efforts. You may designate workplaces and invite team members to collaborate using the app. You may tackle certain activities at your speed with the support of specialized workspaces.

You may prevent projects from being trapped in limbo by selecting priority levels so that you can do the most crucial tasks first. Additionally, it allows you to choose the frequency and notify you of any updates. The program allows you to utilize color tags to keep your chores neatly categorized and avoid confusion.

The team is kept in sync through nTask’s real-time notifications. The highlight function lets you track the most recent changes from assignees. As a result, problems are easier to identify and address before they disrupt the project’s overall flow. In conclusion, nTask may be a good choice if you’re looking for task management software to help your team stay motivated to accomplish the objective via real-time updates and communication.


  • Make specialized workplaces.
  • Being able to Determine Priority Levels.
  • To keep things organized, Use Color Tags.

To Do Reminder with Alarm


The “To Do Reminder with Alarm” app can be your best option if you want stylish reminder software with all the essential features. You may decide whether to create a repeating or one-time reminder based on your requirements. You can also add a picture and configure it to notify you when you reach an area for a more customized experience.

Do you often forget to send birthday and anniversary wishes to your friends and family? So that you won’t forget to wish your loved ones a happy birthday or anniversary, the app also enables you to activate reminders for key events. Notably, it includes a wonderful selection of cards and layouts that you may use to convey congratulations.

It lets you sync the app with iCloud, keeping your data secure and accessible across iDevices. Considering everything, it meets all the requirements to be a useful reminder app for your iOS smartphone.


  • Add a picture to the reminder.
  • iCloud Backup
  • Theme of day/night.
  • A selection of cards and templates.

Pill Reminder


Pill Reminder seems to be the best option for those who often forget to take their medications on time. You may use this app to get timely alerts about when you need to take your medication. You may even keep track of the amount of each medication’s remaining supply and establish periodic notifications for greater flexibility.

The ability to add notes guarantees that unavoidable events remain on your radar and is another feature that makes Pill Reminder a helpful tool. Additionally, it notifies users when their prescriptions are about to run out. As a result, you may promptly renew your prescriptions.

Using Pill Reminder’s integrated calendar, you may see all of your monthly reminders. Your data is kept safe by the dependable backup and restore capability. Additionally, the software works with VoiceOver, so you can obtain spoken explanations of what’s on your screen. In conclusion, you should use Pill Reminder to take your pills on time and keep track of them.


  • Calendar Built-in Add Notes to your Reminders.
  • Voice Over support for Accessibility.
  • Data Backup and Restoration.



It has a plain appearance and a basic user interface. However, once you start using it, the sheer quantity of possibilities will astound you.

You can do a lot more than create to-do lists using Wunderlist. With this clever daily reminder tool, you may add attachments to your chores, such as pictures, PDFs, and more.


  • Folders
  • Publish Lists
  • Compatible with All Devices Comments
  • Due dates
  • Reminders
  • To Wunderlist by Email



No assignment slips through the cracks thanks to ClickUp’s feature-rich interface, versatile Reminders tool, and one location to see them all.

You can manage from a browser, desktop, or mobile device with Reminders. ClickUp helps teams of all sizes and from various industries remain on top of the game. Create reminders from any ClickUp page, including comments, and include as much or as little information as you’d like.

In a matter of seconds, add attachments, and dates, make recurring schedules or assign them to your team. Additionally, ClickUp interacts with over 1,000 other business tools and has hundreds of useful features.


  • More than 15 Themes are Available
  • Notes on Tasks
  • Task delegation and Reminders
  • Assigned Remarks
  • A global Search
  • Daily wrap-ups
  • Priorities

BZ Reminder


BZ Reminder is one of the top Android reminder applications. It does not have as many features as the applications mentioned before.

However, the few things it does offer are rather outstanding.

This sleek program is quite simple to use. You may color-code your reminders to distinguish them and prioritize the chores.

And how cool is it that it supports Android Wear?


  • Repeat the Task.
  • Remind me to Call.
  • Reminder of Your Birthday
  • Calendar.



Here’s a reminder app for desktops and smartphones that’s unique from others.

Rembo resembles a bot more than an application. Reminders may be read aloud to iOS users using this feature.

With the help of an app-cum-bot, you may move about like you are accompanied by an assistant who ensures you do tasks on time.

It’s more enjoyable to use the app since it includes jokes and inspirational remarks. The finest iPhone reminder app, in terms of the fun factor, is Rembo since it is free.


  • Insightful Sayings and Jokes.
  • Spoken Word.
  • Special Fashion.


Our list of the top reminder applications for the iPhone and iPad has concluded. Choose the one that best meets your requirements now that the top choices compete for your attention. You may customize the majority of these iOS reminder applications to your preferences to be informed about the important things to you.

Which of these reminder apps have you selected, by the way, to be reminded of crucial events? Please share your favorite reminder app with me and any features you particularly like.

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