The Top 14 Apps for Renting a Car

For small company owners and entrepreneurs with hectic schedules and a need to cut expenses, renting a car used to be a major hassle. But it was before mobile apps for automobile rentals.

Now, whether it’s for a lengthy business journey or a personal road trip, renting a car from anywhere is quick, straightforward, and reasonable thanks to this practical mobile apps. Since fewer people own cars, there is a need in the market for vehicle rentals and car-sharing, which these well-known applications satisfy.

How Car Rental Apps Can Help Your Business

What advantages does utilising a vehicle rental app provide your company? There are several reasons why rental vehicle applications are popular. Still, the majority of them eventually result in time and money savings—two things that many businesses find difficult to come by.

Not persuaded? A small company owner can gain from rental vehicle applications in the following ways:

Convenience: By using a mobile app to rent a car, a busy small company owner may do the task whenever, and from anywhere there is an internet connection. They may handle bookings with several car rental applications and rent a vehicle through them.

Savings: Using car rental applications makes getting the greatest bargain on a rental car easier. While some businesses offer app users discounted prices, other vehicle rental applications will look for the best offers across a wide range of suppliers.

Flexibility: Users of car rental apps can access the greatest fleet of automobiles with the most alternatives. Some features, including tracking a car’s performance, are only accessible to customers who book a rental car using a mobile app.

Security: The majority of auto rental applications employ cutting-edge encryption technology to safeguard users’ data. Additionally, by saving payment information in their cloud-based apps, customers may complete several rentals without entering their personal and financial details again.

Top Business Apps for Renting Cars in 2022

How can a small company owner pick the finest car rental applications when so many alternatives are available? To identify the top 12 automobile rental apps for 2022, we combed the market and evaluated the characteristics of the now available applications.



The quickest and simplest method for renting an automobile has been dubbed Zipcar. The app allows users to book automobiles daily or hourly, saving them money by incorporating petrol and insurance in the rental car price. Since Zipcar is also a car-sharing app and lets users rent round-trip vehicles from private parties, it stands out in the industry. The app offers a selection of rental automobiles, vans, sedans, hybrids, and other vehicles.

The Enterprise Car Rental App

The Enterprise Rent-a-Car app, one of the finest for iOS and Android users, makes renting a car from a business people have trusted for decades simply and convenient. With user-friendly filters, the Enterprise app helps you choose the ideal rental cars for your needs by displaying maps of the closest and most convenient rental sites as well as a wealth of valuable information on the vehicles.

Hertz Rent-A-Car


Do you have Hertz Gold status? You can immediately manage and use your reward points through the Hertz car rental app. Of course, any licensed driver may book a rental car via the well-known Hertz app, which gives users all the details of their reservation… even while offline. Like the top parking app, the smart Hertz app even has a feature that aids users in finding the greatest parking spaces. Business owners may benefit from the savings they might get by utilizing the Hertz app since it provides users exclusive discounts on rentals and roadside assistance.

Getaround- Instant Car Rental

Getaround rental car app

Getaround is another on-demand automobile rental app that is said to be comparable to Turo but less expensive. Users can rent automobiles daily or hourly from private car owners. The Getaround auto rental smartphone app gives options for cars ranging from a simple Toyota to a fancy BMW, and the cars may be unlocked with the renter’s phone, providing a smooth transaction. Using the same App, car owners can also host rentals and make money by advertising their vehicles as part of their fleet and starting their own car-sharing company.

Turo Rental Car


Users of the Turo app may hire cars from local private automobile owners. Turo offers its clients choice, flexibility, and convenience when they book cars using the app because it is the largest marketplace for auto rentals. A list of more than 800 different automobiles, trucks, vans, and other vehicles, including a vintage VW bus, are available to rent from local hosts through this fantastic app. Even a chatbot option is available on the Turo app to enhance communication during the transaction.

Skyscanner Flights Hotels Cars

Skyscanner Flights Hotels Cars

The greatest apps can do numerous tasks. The Skyscanner app is mostly used to book flights, but users may also use it to reserve a rental vehicle. Because customers can plan several components of their trip from a single platform and take advantage of the inexpensive automobile rental rates, the app makes business travel easier. The app also offers helpful information on rental automobiles, such as information about insurance and fuel policies.

Priceline: Hotel, Flight & Car

Priceline: Hotel, Flight & Car

For years, people have trusted Priceline to help them find cheap flights, hotels, and car rentals. Customers may now easily book rides using the company’s mobile app. However, not only can consumers reserve their rental via the Priceline app, but the travel agency also provides the best rates from a number of rental providers, regardless of whether the automobile is an economy or premium model.

Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car

Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car

The Expedia app is available for both Apple and Android users, allowing them to reserve hotels, cars, and other travel-related and leisurely activities. In addition to making business trip planning simple, the Expedia app lets customers save money with special offers and a loyalty points app. When planning various vacation components using the Expedia app, earning points is simple.


Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car

By utilizing the Kayak app to book their flights and rental cars, business travelers can effortlessly manage numerous facets of their business trip from a single location. The mobile app enables safe booking since it may preserve rental and payment information for future reservations. It is also available offline to conserve battery life. The app provides users with step-by-step directions to assist them in finding their way through hospitals, restaurants, and airports.

HyreCar Driver – Gig Rentals


Hyrecar is a great option if you need a long-term rental car solution. For anybody seeking a dependable and economical option to hire a vehicle, they provide a broad range of advantages that make them the ideal alternative. They are first recognized for their affordable rates. They also provide many automobiles, so you can be sure to pick the ideal one for your requirements.

Because you are renting directly from vehicle owners who don’t have a lot of overhead charges, these rates are so low because they are car-sharing applications like Turo and Getaround.

Alamo Rent a Car App

Alamo Rent a Car App

 Finding the ideal rental car, whether a little budget car or a huge SUV to accommodate your entire family, is straightforward with the Alamo app. Alamo makes key rental information transparent, like the number of passengers a vehicle can accommodate, its fuel efficiency, and even the amount of baggage it can carry. Users may save time by entering their personal information in the app while picking up their rentals. By creating an Alamo Insider account, users may also save money. Car Rental App Car Rental App

Do you want to be sure you’re receiving the best deal on your car rental? The CarRentals app allows users to view the lowest rates from every significant automobile rental company and platform in one place. The CarRentals smartphone app, billed as the simplest and fastest method to reserve a car enables you to reserve a wide range of vehicles, including electric cars and 4-wheel drive. Using the app for upcoming reservations is much simpler because it saves driver information.

Uber – Request a ride

Uber - Request a ride

Uber has transformed how we travel since its founding in 2009. This ridesharing app has made it simpler and more practical than ever to call for a ride, and its ground-breaking business model has upended the established taxi sector.

The same user-friendly interface is now available via Uber’s new automobile rental service. However, they don’t rent out privately owned automobiles as they do with ridesharing. Instead, they’ve collaborated as a third party with well-known companies like Budget and Avis.

Budget Car Rental

Budget Car Rental

The Budget Car Rental app provides users the same features as other well-known car rental applications. Still, it also allows them to hire bigger vehicles like cargo vans for transferring significant amounts of belongings — perfect for moving to a new apartment. Customers of Budget Vehicle Rental may use the platform to hire a car, a truck, an SUV, or a hatchback, and they can access all of their rental data from the app. It is one of the most cost-effective mobile car rental applications in the United States and Canada.

How to Pick the Best Car Rental Firm

Those are excellent choices, but which is the top app for renting a car? Every user will have different demands, so it’s crucial to consider the following factors when picking the best vehicle rental agency for you.

What kind of vehicle do you require? Not all car rental apps provide the same kind of vehicle. Are you searching for a compact automobile, pickup truck, luxury car, or cargo van? There are mobile apps available to suit your needs. Some features, like performance upgrades in certain rental cars, are available in some applications. 

Do you require a tow truck? Look for a car rental app that includes roadside assistance if you want access to it while you have the vehicle. 

Liability insurance, what about it? While some automobile rental applications offer liability insurance as part of the rental, some charge extra for it, and some may not even offer it at all. Be mindful of this potential necessity when selecting the finest auto rental app. 

Where is it situated? Where are the pickup and drop-off locations for your rental car? For your business trip or holiday, find a vehicle rental app that offers the pickup and drop-off locations that are most convenient for you. 

 How much can you spend? The price of a rental car might fluctuate significantly amongst car rental applications due to the variety of vehicles and services they provide. Are you trying to decide between a premium car hire and a more affordable option? Pick the auto rental app appropriately.

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Most Common App Used for Auto Rentals? 

 Which app is best for auto rentals? Due to its extensive automobile rental marketplace, Turo is one of the most well-known car-sharing apps. Customers are given a lot of freedom and options close by, and Turo users can pick up or have their cars delivered. For additional passive revenue, car owners may rent their automobiles using the Turo app’s car-sharing feature.

What app allows you to Hire a Car? 

Some applications for auto rentals let owners advertise their vehicles on the rental market. The Getaround app and Zipcar are both excellent choices for car rentals, but the Turo app has the largest car-sharing company sector.


Are apps for automobile rentals safe to use?

Car rental applications are typically secure, yes. However, to exchange keys with a private person, always be sure to do it in a public place and abide by standard safety precautions.

What is the greatest app for renting a car?

Your unique demands and tastes will determine the best vehicle rental app. However, some top applications include Zipcar, Enterprise Rent A Car, Hertz App, Getaround, and Turo.

Is it possible to hire a vehicle without an app?

Yes, you can reserve a vehicle without using an app. However, using an app is often more practical since you can examine ratings and reviews while comparing pricing and offers from other businesses. Additionally, you may benefit from discounts and extras offered by the majority of applications.

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