The 8 Best Apps for Writing Lovers

Everybody has to write at some time in their life, and whether your writing efforts are more focused on notes for the delivery driver than chapters and verses for the masses, you’ll still find an app here that will suit your requirements.

Putting pen to paper is just one aspect of writing. With the help of these extra writing tools, you may improve your writing, identify markets and agencies, and even look into self-publishing options. Authors will have different preferences for the finest apps depending on their method, genre, and ideal working environment.

Additionally, it depends on whether they want to post the completed product online, submit it to an agency, or make a film. There are only a few greatest writing software for all authors. Still, several great writing applications may be used for a variety of purposes, working methods, and genres.

Google Docs– Cloud-Based Document Editor

google docs for writing

Over the past two decades, Google Docs has been one of the most popular cloud-based document editors. Writers have used Google Docs editor to create novels, proposals, reports, and other documents.

It was one of the first platforms to make real-time document collaboration available to the general public. Users may collaborate on writing, commenting, and editing material from anywhere globally.

These are just a few reasons it has become a popular productivity tool. However, as time has passed, several new and complex editors with innovative capabilities that Google Docs lack have emerged on the market.

Devices: iOS, Android

Price: Free

Grammarly – All in one Writing Tool

best writer app

At Bit, we like using Grammarly! Grammarly is an editing tool that goes beyond simple spell and grammar checkers.

Grammarly has spell checkers, punctuation checkers, grammar checkers, plagiarism checkers, and tools to improve vocabulary. Grammarly checks your work for more than 250 grammatical errors across six different writing genres.

Also, Grammarly offers in-depth justifications for your mistakes and weekly progress updates. Although Grammarly is free to use, it goes beyond what the commercial version can do by offering word suggestions and assessing sentence structure and voice.

It’s offered as a website, a desktop application, a Microsoft Office add-in, and a browser plugin. It is an indispensable tool for book authoring.

Devices: iOS, Android

Price: Free, Offers In-App Purchases

CoSchedule – Headline Analyzer

Headline Analyzer app

Your headlines play a significant role in your books. If you work as a copywriter, marketer, or blogger, you are well aware of the significance of creating a catchy title.

Headlines are your content’s initial point of contact with the outside world and often the main factor in readers’ decisions to read it, making them an essential component of the writing process.

The “#1 Headline Analyzer” on the internet, according to CoSchedule. You can create headlines using CoSchedule that will increase sales, shares, click-through rates, and search engine results.

You may write headlines for your blog entries, email subject lines, or social media postings with CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. The app examines your headline’s general structure, grammar, length, keyword density, and readability, showing samples of the subject lines for emails and Google searches.

Devices: iOS, Android

Price: Free

Evernote – Best in All aspects

Writing and Editing tool

For authors who need to arrange their thoughts and make sense of their ideas, Evernote is a really helpful tool. Evernote is used in many different ways by writers. Evernote is mainly used to capture ideas, make ad hoc notes, record interview notes, and even start articles. Authors often use other helpful aspects of Evernote. Writing features that are useful include the ability to record audio, images, and web clips.

Everything starts in Evernote when the writer starts to write. The author will enter this concept into Evernote since even the smallest thought might grow into a lengthy post.

Devices: iOS, Android

Price: Free, Offers In-App Purchases 


distraction-free writing app

One of the greatest applications is Writer, which helps writers who need help coming up with ideas or need little help with their creativity. A writing app for Android, it is freemium. On a tablet or smartphone, the software is excellent for on-the-go book editing and writing. By simplifying writing as much as possible, people will find it simpler to translate their ideas into text.

For the time being, Writer stores your written documents on your flash drives, SD cards, or other external storage devices. Future versions will, however, be able to save the writing on the cloud and support synchronization via the use of Dropbox. It’s a simple, clutter-free place to write, save your work, and examine basic statistics like word count and projected reading time.

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Markdown is supported, much like Ulysses, so if you still need to become acquainted with it, use the opportunity to learn more about it.

Devices: iOS, Android

Offer: Free

iA Writer

Writers who prefer simplicity over style

iA Writer if you’ve ever found word processing app overly distracting. It almost removes all of the interruptions in word processing app to aid in text concentration. The iA Writer allows you to type in Markdown for basic formatting, but if you want to use built-in buttons, you can add bold, italics, and other formatting options.

Recordings and images may be created at any time, and you can pause and continue recording to add additional recording segments to a current recording. You can take notes and snap photos while recording or while performing. However, Writer is designed to make writing easier, which is evident in how it is organized—a plus for writers prone to distractions and dislike clutter.

Devices: iOS, Android

Offer: Free, $49.99


writing app for novelists

Scrivener 2 is a straightforward, flexible, and refined word processor that will completely change the way you write. A sizable collection of templates. Scrivener may make competitive pricing Installs more than once. Additionally accessible on iOS and Windows. All of your work, particularly lengthy pieces, can be created, edited, and organized using Scrivener.

Because it was created to provide writers with the tools they need to draught ideas, compose words, edit, organize, and output their works. Scrivener is one of the best writing apps available. It is cheap, and installing it on multiple computers makes it more valuable because you can use the app to edit your writing from any iOS device or computer.

What strikes me about Scrivener is how much more like standard office software it resembles than other writing apps. Menus, buttons, view modes, formatting tools, statistics, annotations, labels, keywords, uploads, etc.

Devices: iOS

Offer: 30-day free trial , $49 full Access


Distraction-free Screenwriting tool

The modern plain text editor designed for creative writing is JotterPad – Writer. It is ideal for composing scripts, novels, songs, poetry, and essays. Thanks to the simple typing interface, you can concentrate on writing and forming your thoughts into text. Without interruptions, go right in and write to your heart’s content.

It works well for composing thesis statements, songs, essays, dissertations, and other types of creative writing. The JotterPad is better suited for writing because it has a built-in English dictionary and a distraction-free user interface. It offers an offline-compatible interface with Dropbox. It automatically saves your work when you quit preventing the loss of files that were not saved.

Devices: iOS, Android

Offer: Free, $6.99 per month


In short, content matters. Putting out great content in the form of books can help win your readers’ hearts. Up until now, all you needed were great apps for writing a book! Now that you have read your list, what are you waiting for? Go, write away!

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