Top 11 Apps To Learn Dutch- Android & iOS

There are many advantages to learning Dutch. You’ll be astonished at how many doors open when you speak it, whether you’re learning it for personal, professional, or travel purposes. Knowing Dutch can also be a great starting point for learning other languages like German and Afrikaans.

Dutch is one of Europe’s most widely spoken languages, yet it isn’t the most commonly spoken languages worldwide. There are many excellent resources available for learning Dutch, but just as many are a complete waste of time.

I wanted to find the most significant applications possible to learn Dutch because of this.

What Are The Best Apps To Learn Dutch?​

I compiled a list of applications that initially provided the language to find the top ones for learning Dutch. I then went through user comments and ratings to understand which apps users had good or bad experiences with. When I discovered some that had primarily positive evaluations, I put them to the test.

The table below lists the language learning applications that are most effective in teaching Dutch.

Babbel-Best Overall

finest app for learning Dutch

Babbel is, in my opinion, the finest app for learning Dutch since its program gives you a strong foundation in the language. Additionally, it allows you to practice speaking, writing, listening, and all other aspects of communication. I used Babbel to learn Spanish and mostly suggested it to anyone learning a language.

Lessons are brief and straightforward to understand. They impart the knowledge you genuinely need, such as basic grammar and relevant vocabulary. You can quickly and comfortably participate in everyday Dutch discussions by using Babbel. Click the link below to use Babbel for free, or read this Babbel review to learn more.


  • Interactive and interesting lessons
  • The information is valuable and pertinent.
  • helps you develop all of your communication abilities,
  • lacks excessive use of grammar


The course’s opening Dutch lesson is available for free use. A monthly subscription begins at $13.95 if you decide you enjoy it. Additionally, the price drops if you choose a more extended subscription. The fact that Babbel gives a 20-day money-back guarantee is the most delicate part. You won’t lose anything if you subscribe but decide you don’t like it.

Best app for Pronunciation

Pimsleur-Best for Pronunciation

For me, the pronunciation was one of the most complex parts of learning Dutch. I wish Pimsleur had been around back then! The Pimsleur Dutch course is geared toward helping you develop your speaking and listening abilities.

The lessons are all audio and breakthrough typical exchanges between Dutch speakers. You begin by listening to the dialogue; then, during the lessons, you divide it into manageable pieces. You’ll comprehend every word at the end! Click the link below to try Pimsleur for free, or read this Pimsleur review to find out more.

Key Features

  • Begin your first class by speaking Dutch
  • Since all lessons are exclusively available in audio, you can take them anywhere.
  • Enhance what you learned in earlier lessons.
  • Native speakers deliver all classes.


For $14.99 per month for access to the Dutch course or $20.99 for access to all language courses, you can use the Pimsleur app. Additionally, Pimsleur offers a free 7-day trial of their program. Try it out and discover how much you can learn in just the first few courses!

Mondly-Best Beginner Dutch App


If you’re a complete beginner in Dutch, Mondly is a great app. You can pick up useful vocabulary and grammar from the lessons. Using the chatbot on Mondly, you can practice the fundamental dialogues you’ll learn. But I intentionally put it on this list for newbies. If you are a more intermediate or advanced speaker, Mondly isn’t very beneficial.

Because Mondly is customizable and lets you pick the lessons you wish to finish, I like using it. There are many topics to choose from, and each lesson can be taken alone. After completing the Dutch course on Mondly, you’ll be well-versed in the language. Click the link below to try Mondly for free, or read this Mondly review to find out more.

Key Features

  • Adaptable and simple to use
  • Lessons include a variety of subjects.
  • Monitor your educational progress and remain inspired.
  • It helps you quickly master the fundamentals.


The Mondly app membership price reduces as the length of the subscription increases, starting at $9.99 per month. Check out Mondly and discover if it’s a good fit for you by taking a few classes for free!

Drops-Best for Vocabulary

drops app

I suggest the Drops app if you want to improve your Dutch vocabulary effectively. There is a tonne of Dutch words and phrases available. They are separated into many topics. Everything from vocabulary for gardening and home appliances to politics and sustainability can be learned.

Drops use animations to clarify the meaning of each word and phrase. You next put them into practice with a variety of exercises and games. The software also makes use of spaced repetition to aid in language retention. Click the link below to try Drops for free, or read this Drops review to find out more.

Key Features

  • swiftly become fluent in hundreds of Dutch words and phrases
  • Elegant style and fantastic user interface
  • Games are enjoyable and valuable.
  • You’ll remember what you’ve learned with spaced repetition.


The Drops language app has a monthly fee of $13.00, but there are savings for extended subscriptions. The Drops app is also available for free daily use for 5 minutes. To see how many words you can learn in 5 minutes, sign up and give it a shot!

Italki-Best App to Find Dutch Tutors

Best App to Find Dutch Tutors

Working with native speakers is the best approach to acquiring language fluency. That can be challenging if you don’t know any Dutch speakers and don’t reside in a Dutch-speaking nation—Italki steps in at this point.

You may find Dutch native tutors worldwide who can assist you in learning their language with the Iitalki app. You can view the videos of tutors’ introductions, sort tutors based on various criteria, and read evaluations left by previous pupils. Additionally, it’s a safe and secure site. That is why I have always advocated for it. Click the link below to try Italki for free, or read this Italki review to find out more.

Key Features

  • There are about 100 Dutch tutors available.
  • Pay attention to what you wish to learn.
  • quickly hone your communication skills
  • Platform security and safety


OnIitalki, tutors set their rates, and an hour of Dutch courses typically costs between $14 and $18. To choose the tutor who is the perfect fit for you, you can also sign up for discounted trial classes with a few different teachers. Trial classes typically cost $4 to $7 every 30 minutes.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

If you want to learn Dutch but aren’t ready to work with a private trainer or are looking for other options, you should give Rosetta Stone a shot. It has been operating for over 30 years and is one of the most well-known language-learning app.

It distinguishes itself from other language-learning apps by thoroughly engrossing you in the first lesson! Because it teaches you to think in Dutch, I like Rosetta Stone. Unlike many other apps, it does more than teaching you how to translate. Click the link below to download Rosetta Stone for free, or read this Rosetta Stone review to find out more.

Key Features

  • Learn Dutch thoroughly. The lessons are organized logically.
  • Instead of just translating, learn to think in Dutch.
  • The application offers a fantastic user interface.


Rosetta Stone offers three-month subscriptions for as little as $36.00. Longer subscriptions are also offered, and they come with some fantastic discounts. A lifetime subscription is also provided for $179.99. A free 3-day trial is available so that you may try out the app. Try it out and experience what it’s like to immerse entirely in Dutch!

DutchPod101-Most Flexible Dutch App

Most Flexible Dutch App

If you want to learn a language on your schedule, DutchPod101 is a good resource. There are thousands of text, audio, and video lessons in Dutch. You get to pick the subjects you want to learn about and the skills you want to master.

Many extra options are also available to aid you in moving forward. A Dutch tutor can help you design a customized learning program and provide comments on your written work. There are new weekly lessons; you’ll always have something fresh to learn.

Key Features

  • Thousands of text, audio, and video courses
  • Daily, new lessons
  • Consider only your interests.
  • Organize your education according to your needs with a Dutch tutor.


DutchPod101 offers a free weekly course that you can access. Membership to access all the lessons can cost as little as $4 per month or as much as $47 per month. Your desired features and subscription length will affect the cost. I advise creating a free account to receive a new lesson every week.


Clozemaster-Best App to Learn Dutch in Context

The most eye-catching language app isn’t Clozemaster. It’s pretty simple. It works, though, which is why I advise trying it. You can learn Dutch terminology by using it in various circumstances. To speak Dutch like a native, you must master this ability, which most other language-learning apps disregard.

Thousands of sentences with blanks are provided by Clozemaster for you to complete. Because a word can have several meanings, this method of learning vocabulary is helpful. You have to determine which word would be best based on the statement. Click the link below to download a free copy of Clozemaster, or read this review to find out more.

Key Features

  • Dozens of practice sentences
  • The app is simple to use.
  • Most stuff is free.


The majority of the information on Clozemaster is freely available. You can sign up for Clozemaster Pro for $8.00 per month or $60.00 per year if you want full access. Try out the demo version to see how many words you can accurately predict!

Memrise-Best Flashcard App for Dutch


One of the most well-liked language learning apps is Memrise. It offers a vast selection of flashcards to help you quickly pick up the Dutch language. Because users may make and share their flashcard decks, I believe it to be the best flashcard app.

This implies that you can learn about any topic you can think of! Academic Dutch, Dutch Conjunctions, and even Dutch Swearing are just a few of the user-made Dutch flashcard decks available. Click the link below to use Memrise for free, or read this Memrise review to find out more.

Key Features

  • There are many different flashcard decks available.
  • Explore subjects that interest you.
  • As much as you like, practice.


On Memrise, you have free access to select materials. You can purchase a premium subscription to gain full access. Starting at $8.49 per month, a Memrise subscription costs less the longer it is purchased.

LingQ-Best App to Read and Listen to Dutch


The LingQ app is a good choice if you’re an independent learner and want to chart your course for learning. It develops courses using content entirely in Dutch, including podcasts, YouTube videos, novels, and more. Click on any word that you don’t understand. You can view the definition, examples of using it in different settings, and links to more articles that use that term.

You can import content from other sources to create your courses if there is Dutch material you genuinely enjoy that isn’t already included in LingQ. This is unquestionably the most remarkable aspect of the program. After you import the video and transcript, LingQ automatically turns the material into a lesson. Try LingQ without cost by

Key Features

  • Dutch content is available in a variety of forms.
  • In various circumstances, pick up new vocabulary.
  • Automatically construct classes using your favorite content imported.


On LingQ, a lot of the content is accessible for free; however, some of the features are constrained. Consider purchasing a premium LingQ subscription if you want complete access. Depending on how long it is, a subscription might range in price from $7.99 to $12.99 a month.

Duolingo-Best App to Learn Dutch for Free

learn language free online

Duolingo is a subject of love and hate among language learners. The main reason why people adore it is that you can access all of its courses without paying a dime. The Dutch course is also reasonably thorough.

However, Duolingo plays a lot of adverts that interfere with your courses. Also, the information isn’t always directly applicable to or consistent with daily living. Duolingo is the best place to begin if you’re searching for free software to learn Dutch. Learn more about Duolingo in this Duolingo review, or sign up for a free account by following the link below.

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Key Features

  • Free Dutch course
  • all your communication abilities in practice
  • Explore popular topics


Although Duolingo is completely free to use, it does contain a lot of advertisements. Super Duolingo subscriptions cost $12.99 per month, and in exchange, you gain access to extra features and the removal of ads. For that price, I don’t believe the Plus subscription is worthwhile. I’d continue to use the free version.


There will be significant periods and down ones in your quest to become fluent in Dutch. You can develop conversational skills quickly with diligence and drive. By filling up the gaps left by conventional study methods, using apps to learn Dutch will aid you on your way to fluency. They’ll also keep it entertaining! Here’s hoping you could find a few practical applications for learning Dutch that will assist you in accomplishing your objectives. Try out a couple of them to choose which you like because most provide free trials or free material. Good luck!

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